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acoustic by adeco

Just the right tone

Room acoustics – a theme that accompanies us since years. Room acoustics have a significant impact on our intelligibility and listening habits. This, in turn, may have a fundamental effect on our health, concentration, performance and our sense of wellbeing .

acoustic by adeco


FineMicro, the invisible room performance for all applications. Conceived for the highest aesthetic and acoustic requirements. Good absorption values are also achieved without fibres (i.e. without fleece and insulation). The micro-perforation means dust and dirt stand no chance in the long run. Suitable for magnetic surfaces, projection and decorative surfaces. With insertion on both sides, ideal constructive finishing for furniture elements such as cabinet doors. Available in panel format in all fire classes and as honeycomb inserts.

acoustic by adeco

Glass Panels

Shilding with transparence and lightness. adeco’s glass panels allow an open and comfortable  environment. They convince by their sophisticated technic and the flexible arrangement. Transparent glass, satinato or individual prints are possible.

acoustic by adeco

Swiss Quality

These acoustic panels developed and produced in Switzerland reflect innovation and quality. The unique colour palette arranged by "Haus der Farben" offers 34 colours, divided into the colour sections light, shadow and night shade. The wood panels are natural products and convince by their uniqueness.

acoustic by adeco


FineMicro panels are designed for sustainability. Owing to the minimal dimensions of the perforation, dust cannot penetrate the material. This prevents any contamination of the material and deterioration of the sound absorbing effect. Even after many years of use, rooms equipped with acoustic by adeco panels therefore still don’t accumulate harmful microbes. Once installed, acoustic by adeco elements require no further care. Thus, they are also a very successful solution for hygienically demanding environments such as laboratories, hospitals and clean rooms. In

In addition to the high aesthetic and acoustic requirements in rooms with lots of people, particularly close attention is also paid to fire safety. Our fire-resistant absorbers are designed for highly efficient fire protection. Flame-retardant treated wood fibre board and specifically homogeneous, dense gypsum boards that reach the A2 classification have proven especially effective. Our mineral glass absorbers are guaranteed non-flammable.