The story of the 1982 founded company Adeco Ltd stands for an enduring, multifunctional design.

2017 acoustic space whiteboard could be used as a whiteboard but also as a sound absorber.   tl_files/content/images/marken/o_c/Kanban_Sitzungszimmer_kl.jpg
2017 RADAR B16, aluminium bench, absolutely weather-proof and its construction allows to compensate bumps up to 6cm and to adjust itself to the terrain.    tl_files/content/images/marken/radar/RADAR T15_Tisch_Bank_web.jpg
2016 acoustic by adeco, high efficient A-Absorber, FineMicro, convincing in Bass   tl_files/content/download/adeco_acoustic_wall_web_k.jpg
2016 adeco whiteboards, frameless, filigree, guarantee of 25 years on whiteboard surface   tl_files/content/download/whiteboard_SwisssCDF_det_small.jpg
2015 adeco space, the flexible acoustically effective room divider   tl_files/content/images/marken/o_c/space_L_S.jpg
2014 RADAR T15, der Aluminiumtisch, der bis zu 6cm Bodenunebenheiten ausgleicht   tl_files/content/download/RADAR T15_355-2.jpg
2013 RADAR R13 launched at "neue räume 13" in Zurich   tl_files/content/download/13_adeco_R13_4.jpg
2012 Adeco launches Scrum-Board   tl_files/content/images/produkte/scrum_board.jpg
2012 Renaming of Akzente Design Systeme GmbH in Adeco Deutschland GmbH    
2011 RADAR goes Adeco   tl_files/content/images/produkte/rdr_goes_adeco.jpg
2010 Launch of PresenTable   tl_files/content/images/produkte/fantasTisch.jpg

wallstreet meets acousticpearls
wall organisation with acoustic panels


wallstreet goes bigger
wallstreet with 50cm et 100cm frames


Launch of coat hangers mamoukDESIGN


Launch of coat hangers wallstreet, greutmann bolzern designstudio

  tl_files/content/images/geschichte/tower 40_k.jpg
2007 red dot award 2007 for wallstreet totem   tl_files/content/images/geschichte/rd07.jpg

Launch of wallstreet totem
The vertical rail needs a minimum of space for a maximum of exploitation

2005 Nomination of wallstreet room for the German Design Prize 2006   tl_files/content/images/geschichte/dp06.jpg
2004 red dot award 2004 to wallstreet room and nomination of wallstreet living for the German Design Prize   tl_files/content/images/geschichte/rd04.jpg
2004 Nomination of wallstreet office for the German Design Prize    
2004 Aquisition, respectively start-up of Akzente Design Systeme GmbH    
2003 Participation at Designer’s Saturday Stuttgart    
2003 Participation at „neue räume 03“    
2002 iF Design Award 2002 for wallstreet   tl_files/content/images/geschichte/if-Design02.jpg

Launch of the new organisation system „wallstreet“ after 5 years of preparation work and 2 years of technical development. 

2001 Launch of bilderschiene.ch   tl_files/content/images/geschichte/bilderschiene-4.jpg
1998 Introduction of mobiles boards „exposition“     
1996 Development of height adjustable whiteboards by gas pressure cartridge    
1995 Renting of pinboards, flip-charts, beamers, overhead projectors, Panaboards, etc.    
1995 Extension of the mobile programme „Profi-line“ for conference rooms    
1994 Development of selling points for o + c system throughout Europe. Retirement of Anton Dehner   tl_files/content/images/geschichte/gebaeude.jpg
1993 Development of o + c system for conference rooms. The sophisticated technology is being patented. Launch of o + c system in Switzerland and Germany    
1992 Aquisition of Adeco Ltd. by Bernhard and Esther Scheuber    
1991 Move into the new building at Zilistude 168
Enlargement of product range by electronic boards and multimedia projectors. 
1988-1993 Adeco Ltd. assumes the distribution of moduline in Switzerland    
1987 New products are integrated into the range of products such as height adjustable flipcharts developed by Adeco.   tl_files/content/images/geschichte/leinwand.jpg

Transmutation of „Adeco Anton Dehner & Co“ into „Adeco SA »
Enhancement of sales programme with overhead projectors, screens and overhead markers

1982 Incorporation of Limited Partnership „Anton Dehner & Co“
Sales of transparency films for OHP